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Welcome to our online open event. We hope that you enjoy it!


There is lots for you to have a look at in this section. Each department has put a little task together for you, if you would like a try.

You do not have to do the tasks but if you want to show us how you get on with them then please email them to us at: There will be a prize for the best work!

Core Values

We believe strongly in the transformative power of education and seek to empower young people to meet future challenges with insight, creativity and ingenuity.

Our mission statement is represented by our motto 'Inspiring every student to succeed ' and is founded on the following key values.

Excellence in Teaching & Learning

We are proud of our excellent examination performance. However, we want to expose our students to a wide range of quality learning and teaching experiences in order to create adaptability throughout life.

Watch our 'Core Values' video

Developing a whole education

Our vision for education is about more than just passing examinations. Our students are exposed to diverse and distinctive experiences through a range of curricular and co-curricular activities which help to develop lifelong interests.

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Promoting student health & wellbeing

We want our students to be healthy and understand how to stay healthy so we empower them to make the right choices to achieve this. Our students are safe, happy and valued. They feel well supported and have a sense of belonging.

Watch our 'Health & Wellbeing' video

Inspiring students for future employment.

Our students develop essential skills and receive clear guidance to prepare them for their lives beyond school. We ensure that all students receive face-to-face careers advice and support throughout their time with us.

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Virtual Tour

We know we can't invite you around our site in person at the who better to give you a guided tour of our facilities than a group of our amazing new Year 7 students instead!

Key Information

We hope that you find lots of things that you want to know about on this page.

The Application Process

For more information on admissions see the section on our main website. This can be found in the about tab and is labelled admissions.

Admissions Procedure

You must apply on the Common Admissions Form supplied to you by your local LEA. Please see below our catchment area map.

Academy Catchment Area Map

It is obviously important that you name, at the top of the list, the school which is your first preference. If you really want your son or daughter to come to Macmillan Academy you should write that name at the top of the form. The form should be returned directly to the LEA in the pre-paid envelope which came with it or apply online as instructed by the LEA.

Students who name Macmillan Academy will be invited to take part in a task. This is not pass or fail. It simply ensures that children across the full range of ability are admitted to the academy. It is absolutely essential that your child participates in this task if you want them to come to the academy. This task will probably take place on a weekend throughout November. The task usually takes about an hour and we will ensure that we follow guidelines to make sure that we keep students as safe as possible. We will aim to socially distance all students from different primary schools. You will be sent more information about this process after you have applied.

The order in which places are given at the Academy are clearly detailed in the guide for parents – ‘Primary and Secondary Education in Middlesbrough’.

As specialisms are no longer central to the education system the academy will not use a specialism in outdoor education as a method of securing entry into the academy.

If you have applied to the academy and have not heard from us by 18 November 2020 then please get in touch.

Information booklet

We put this information together for this year’s new Year 7 students. We thought that you may find it useful too.

Year 6-7 Transition Booklet

Digital Prospectus

Please see below for a downloadable version of our prospectus.

Academy Prospectus


Things have been very different at the academy over the past few months. We worked very hard to put as many things as possible in place so that students and staff felt safe when they all returned. We have had an amazing start to the term; our average attendance for the first 2 weeks was 95% which is well above the national average.

If you would like to find out more about what we put in place to make ourselves as COVID-19 safe as possible then please have a look at this video that we created before welcoming all of our students back to the academy in September.

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