Students Visit Auschwitz-Birkenau

Post 16 students recently flew to Krakow, Poland for a one-day visit to Auschwitz. This annual trip, organised by the Holocaust Educational Trust offers Year 13 history students an opportunity to see first-hand the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps.

Nadia Hoxha travelled as part of the 'Lessons From Auschwitz' project and described what she saw and experienced as something she will "never forget" as her account explains:

"From the length of the book of names, the electric barbed wiring to trap the prisoners, the amount of children's clothes, the victims suitcases from all over Europe, the cans of gas which murdered millions to, the scratches on the walls of the gas chambers. I was told by a Jewish Rabbi "you have never experienced fear until you are a prisoner in one of these camps" and those words truly changed the way I viewed life.

Auschwitz is something which I think everyone should experience and I can't thank Holocaust UK enough for the opportunity they presented me with."

Interested Year 12 students will be eligible to apply for a place next year. It really is an opportunity not to be missed.

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