Oxfam - Behind the Barcode

With the support of Oxfam, Macmillan Aademy Youth Ambassadors are educating others about where their food comes from and campaigning for change.

Behind the food we buy are millions of people who grow, catch and process it, passing it along a supply chain until it ends up in our homes. But in a global food industry worth trillions of dollars, far too many of the women and men behind our food are being forced into lives of hardship and suffering, working long hours in inhumane conditions for little reward. The burden of this injustice falls more heavily on women. They do most of the lowest paid and least secure jobs, and face discrimination over pay and conditions.

Macmillan students will be looking into where this is happening around the world and making an action plan to raise awareness of 'behind the barcode'. Students involved are hoping to educate others about where their food comes from.

We will be going into supermarkets and speaking to the production teams, running a campaign at school in the canteen and also using our influence to campaign for real change.

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