National Futsal Cup Champions

We are delighted to announce that the Macmillan Academy Under 15 Girls football team are the new National Futsal Cup Champions! This was the superb result of a two-day long tournament, held in Derby.

The day started off in a group stage where the Macmillan team faced three other clubs. The girls certainly kicked off their campaign with sheer determination winning all three games and maintaining a clean sheet. The results were as follows:

v Port Vale 6-0
v AFC Wimbledon 3-0
v Bristol Rovers 3-0

The results put them top of Group A and meant they faced the runners up of Group B in the semi-final, Bristol Rovers.

Again, the girls began strongly, displaying some excellent plays. They went onto beat Bristol 6-0 and progressed into the final where their opponents would be Swindon Town.

The final came and it was a struggle to stop panicking on and off the ball. The went ahead but after a short while conceded their first in the tournament to take the game to 1-1.

This was quickly followed by a second from Swindon and for the first time in the competition the girls had to battle back. They took chance after chance but continued to force and rush their shots resulting in no success. An equalising goal in the dying seconds of the game brought it to a penalty shoot.

Under very stressful conditions, all three penalty takers stood up and scored their penalties. But so did Swindon meaning they faced sudden death penalties (as if it wasn't stressful enough already)! However, a superb performance by our goalkeeper meant the Macmillan side was victorious and became the first ever team from the academy to be crowned national champions in any sport!

Miss Wilson said "I can't credit this group enough. Their effort and determination was superb throughout and this was noted by many bystanders who commented on their performances. They also received compliments off the pitch for their conduct and manners."

Not only did the girls lift the trophy, they also brought home the top goal scorer of the tournament award.

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