Y8 Girls look into future STEM careers

A group of Year 8 girls were invited to the Accenture Girls In Stem Event, at St James' Park, Newcastle. Now in its fourth year, this event is the biggest of its kind in our region and aims to change female perceptions of STEM.

The girls were invited to the Innovation Zone, to explore the latest technologies and were encouraged to chat to representatives from global corporations about inventions, career progression and academic expectations. They were also involved in a Wind Turbine Challenge, where they had to create their own team prototype and were invited to create innovative ideas to reduce food waste, through mood boards and apps.

Motivational female entrepreneurs, who carved successful careers within STEM, spoke to the girls about their own personal journey and answered questions on their highs and lows. Caroline Jones Carrick, director of TEV, a Scottish based technology initiative said "STEM careers are some of the most fun, creative jobs in the world. STEM subjects don't care about what you look like, or how many likes you get on social media. What STEM subjects do care about is whether something works or it doesn't."

The girls had a fantastic day and returned to Macmillan Academy inspired.

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