Hello World Conference

Although teenage girls are now using computers and the internet at rates similar to their male peers, they are still five times less likely to consider a technology related career.

There has also been a drop in the number of students taking computing- based subjects at degree level and historically women have been under-represented in this field - though there is no clear evidence why.

With these statistics in mind, Teesside University held a 'Hello World' conference on Wednesday 28th March 2018 which was attended by 10 of our female Year 8 & 9 students. The aim of the day was to get girls excited about using computers and destroy the myth that computers are for boys.

The girls took part in a Q & A with a panel of inspirational women involved in web development, games design, animation and ASP.NET development.

They then took part in 2 workshops:

  • Games Programming - Using simple scripting in C# to add behaviour to objects.
  • Animate Star Wars Character BB8 in 3D - Using high end software used in the film and television industry the girls brought life to BB8 From Star Wars.

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