Youth Ambassadors Group

The Youth Ambassadors group meet every Wednesday at lunchtime. The group is a mix of Y7-13 students. They decide on which particular issue they feel most strongly about and take it from there.

This term the group agreed to raise awareness of the child poverty crisis that is evolving in Middlesbrough and the UK as a whole. They created posters and put them up around the academy to get students thinking, invited charities in to present to us on the issue and also contacted local MP, Andy MacDonald, to be filmed for the academy news broadcast. He kindly agreed and several of the group met with him on Fri 24 March.

The interview was filmed and shown to every tutor group in the academy. Whilst not all problems can be solved, the Youth Ambassadors are very pleased that they get students talking about important issues and being more aware. They are excited about their next this space! See Mr Cox, Head of geography for further information or to get involved.

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