Digital Resilience: Keeping Safe Online

In the last few weeks, all of our Key Stage 3 students have been investigating the themes of 'digital resilience'. We want our students to be able to get the most out of online technologies but to be aware of the potential dangers. This project has helped students to understand how to keep themselves safe within online communities.

Many students were unaware of the dangers of 'live streaming' and therefore didn't realise that this shared data cannot be edited once it is out there but can, instead, be recorded, screen shot and shared without permission. They learned how adult offenders use tricks to coerce young people such as offering them online gifts or 'game points' in exchange for videos.

The students are now more aware of what actions should be taken if they encounter online abuse (CEOP button on our website and Frog page), and also that if something has happened to a friend/friends, then they must tell someone.

Watch a short video piece created by one of our Year 7 students on digital safety!

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