#Lovefood Recipe Book!

The Nourish students are extremely proud to launch the #lovefood recipe book. Macmillan students have been working hard for the last year to try, redevelop and test recipes in enrichment time as part of their 'New Product Development' project.

All of the recipes are easy and quick to make (no special skills required) and include ingredients which are supportive to our overall health. The students are so proud of the recipes, as they are supportive of clear healthy skin and mood. The combination of ingredients in the recipes mean that they are filling and help balance your blood sugars which helps you keep focused and concentrate.

The proceeds from this mood boosting recipe book will go the academy charity which is CoCo. Therefore 'Nourish' students will be visiting tutor groups and setting up stall next week in the dining hall to take orders. The books are £3, so please order multiple copies to share with friends and family and enjoy cooking!

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