Faraday Challenge Winners!

We are delighted to announce that a team of 4 Year 8 students have won the Faraday Challenge hosted by Macmillan Academy on 24 January.

Two teams from Macmillan competed in the competition, facilitated by the Institution of Engineering and Technology, along with teams from Hillsview Academy, Unity City Academy, Acklam Grange Academy, and Thornaby Academy.

The nature of the challenge was kept secret until the day, when it was announced that students would need to use science, engineering, maths and DT skills to build a working prototype of an amusement park ride.

Faraday Challenge days will be completed all across the country, with the top 5 teams attending a final competition at Thorpe Park in June. Keep your fingers crossed that our winning team finds themselves on the leaderboard when all the Challenge Days are complete!

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