Sugar Smart

Lauren Perkin from Middlesbrough Environmental City has delivered an assembly to our Year 7 through to Year 10 year groups this week.

As an academy we were asked to make sugar pledges to support the reduction of sugar intake across Middlesbrough. In the assemblies Lauren has talked about the problem with hidden sugar in foods, such as tomato ketchup, BBQ and pasta sauces and yoghurts.

The benefits of reducing sugar to the national guidance of 7.5 teaspoons a day to our health are huge and include: improved concentration, immunity, clear and healthy skin, keeping a healthy weight and supporting good mood.

The academy sugar pledges for January are as follows:

  • To offer only sugar free drinks and water in Baristas
  • To have low sugar and added sugar free options only at break time in the dining hall and gym
What can you personally pledge to be healthier for 2018?

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