A Different Type of Reality!

Students from years 8 & 9 visited Leeds University on Friday 1st December for a special event where they had the chance to experience how engineering, computing, maths, science and design come together to create future technologies.

During the morning the students explored the past, present and future of smartphone technology, getting hands-on experience of the range of phone technologies used in the last 30 years. One of the most exciting parts of the day was unlocking the potential of mobile devices to create their own 3D projections and holograms, as well as 360 degree images of the Leeds University campus.

After lunch the students had a chance to speak to current university students and were shown around the campus.

The students found the event a great experience and said, "it was fantastic to use our own phones to create 3d projections so easily - I will definitely be trying it at home!"

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