Spanish Cultural Visit

In advance of the European Day of Languages, academy students spent a week in the Cantabrian region of Spain. For a very demanding schedule, they were based in Suances in an area known as 'Green Spain'.

The members of the party experienced breath taking views over the countryside of northern Spain, incredible cave art dating back to the Lower Palaeolithic era, an amazing 'living' medieval village, the stimulating Guggenheim museum, the seven streets of Old Bilbao and the many wondrous beasts in the Cabárceno Wildlife Park. They were even lucky enough to attend an educational workshop on the topic of giraffes whilst seeing the magnificent creatures at close quarters.

In this annual foreign visit students from Years 9 to 13 experienced the culture, heritage and language of the area as they interacted with their Spanish counterparts and the local people they met.

The students were real ambassadors for the academy and many friendships were forged. We hope to maintain the link with this very special area of Spain.

To discover more about Suances and our other links with Bilbao and Rambouillet, near Paris in France, go to our MFL Frog Site for more information or speak to your French/Spanish teachers.

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