Year 12 Experience Week

Last week, timetables were suspended for Year 12 students to take part in Experience Week. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to develop skills and learn about issues that can affect them as they go through life.

On Monday, students took part in Experience Day. This is a day designed to enrich students, either in their subject area or a chance for them to do something totally different. Activities included visits to art galleries in Newcastle and Teesside University to experience the health and social care and psychology departments. Onsite sessions saw students learning about genetic engineering, and carrying out chemical experiments, among many others.

Tuesday saw students taking part in Health and Wellbeing Day. Workshops included; mental health, alcohol awareness and transgender awareness. Some students chose to brave the weather and went cycling for the day. Students could also whip up some healthy dishes in food and nutrition, whilst those who were brave enough took on bootcamp fitness sessions.

On Wednesday Ethical Issues day took centre stage. Many serious issues were up for discussion; guns in the US, drugs in sport, social media and many more saw students debating and discussing moral principles, which affect how people make decisions and lead their lives.

Thursday and Friday were devoted to Next Steps/Careers Days. On Thursday, a wealth of outside speakers, from universities to outdoor education specialists came in to deliver presentations, from preparing the perfect personal statement to student life, and how to write the perfect CV. Students then started the UCAS process, in readiness for their applications to university.

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