Busta' Rhyme Competition

All students at Macmillan Academy are invited to participate in the Busta Rhyme poetry competition to try and win the £1000 student prize.

Organised by Young Writers and open to students aged 11-18, this national competition offers students the opportunity to write a poem about something they feel passionate about. Lyrical poets express emotion through verse on all matter of subjects, from current affairs, religion and identity to love, loss and everything in-between. It's a chance to voice opinion, share a memory or dilemma, impart advice, or indulge in writing about something they adore.

In this week’s broadcast, Mr Reed launched the competition and travelled around the academy to see how students and staff are preparing for the poetry competition. Entries are already starting to come in on a daily basis and Mr Reed will also award a prize to the best Macmillan entry.

If you feel inspired to go for the prizes, students should submit their poem to Mr Reed before the deadline of Friday 17th February. Even if students are not successful in winning a cash prize, it is hoped that many students will have their work published in the subsequent poetry anthology that Young Writers will be producing.

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