Mr Rodway in Kenya

Mr Rodway began work at the Kenyan school on 15th March and was welcomed warmly by the children and staff at the school. He was able to hand over the Macmillan bags full of equipment that he collected before he left and he has already started teaching.

To find out more about the charity Mr Rodway is working for and view their activities, go to which is a registered UK charity, set up for the advancement of education amongst children in rural Kenya.

If you would like to sponsor Mr Rodway, this can be done through the pages at: Thanks to the people who have done this already; he is now 83% of the way towards his initial target!

See his first photos by clicking the links below as he was able to communicate with us on one of the very few computers in the nearby small town of Gilil.

Mr Rodway in Kenya

Hard at work

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