Towards the end of last week, students in Year 11 and Post 16 Language had the extraordinary opportunity to be visited by Phil Mealey, a BAFTA award-winning writer renowned for his work on sitcoms like The Royle Family and Early Doors.

During the session, all students were captivated by Phil Mealey's personal journey from childhood to becoming an award-winning writer. He shared insights into his creative process, emphasising the development of narratives and characters in the world of television.

A select group of Year 11s and Post 16 students had the privilege of working closely with Phil Mealey in a hands-on workshop. Together, they delved into the art of crafting sitcom openings, gaining valuable guidance from the seasoned writer. The interactive session allowed students to apply the skills they learned and receive real-time feedback from a celebrated industry professional.

The highlight of the day came when students were given the chance to hold Phil Mealey's prestigious BAFTA award, providing a tangible connection to the world of television excellence.