Meat Free Monday at Macmillan

We want to encourage our academy community to eat healthily, lead a healthy lifestyle and care for our planet and this week sees the start of our 'Meat Free Monday' initiative. This campaign was first established in the UK in 2009 by singer Paul McCartney and his daughters who wanted to raise awareness of the impact that eating too much meat has on the environment, climate change and health. We are one of many schools across the country that are now embracing the idea.

Did you know?

  • Reducing meat consumption could prevent thousands of deaths in the UK each year, from heart disease, strokes and cancer.
  • Livestock production is responsible for 70% of the Amazon deforestation, as the rainforest has been cleared to create new pastures.
  • Farming accounts for 70% of all freshwater taken from lakes and waterways much of it to produce meat, yet over a billion people across the world do not have access to clean water or sanitation!
Eco-Squad is running a competition to design the best meat-free recipes using fresh plant-based ingredients. Please hand in your entries to the library before Friday 28th Feb to be in with a chance of winning a 'Love to shop' voucher and to feature in the dining room on future Meat Free Mondays.

A healthier planet a healthier you....

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