Annual Academy Jobs Fair

The careers landscape is changing and jobs are quickly evolving. To keep our students, staff and parents up to date we host an annual Macmillan Academy Jobs Fair.

50 employers offered one to one advice and guidance on their recruitment process, application, volunteering and company information. 300 students and parents arrived within the first hour, at what proved to be a very popular event.

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There were many sectors including: engineering, the built environment, health, maths, law, retail, the military, languages, housing and hospitality, with input from the civil service, local authorities, the voluntary sector and training providers. Feedback was very positive, with one employer commenting, "It was a pleasure to attend as always and the students we spoke to were very well mannered and are a credit to Macmillan." Other comments included, "Really great turnout and great to see students genuinely interested" and "Thank you for having us, your students are great!"

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As possibly the biggest, single centred school organised Jobs Fair in the region, we believe our students are exposed to up-to-date careers advice, helping them to set and review careers goals and individual plans. They learn about the local labour market, gaining a real understanding of business and industry expectations and growth. Our goal at Macmillan Academy is to continually support our students through their education and the transition into the working world.

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