Student Flies to Sydney to Study!

Flying solo to Australia for three weeks at the age of seventeen is a daunting prospect, however for Anitha there was a very good reason that she was making the 23-hour flight.

Anitha is currently a Year 13 student at Macmillan Academy Post 16 and is studying biology, chemistry, mathematics and further mathematics. Macmillan Academy has many strong links with local universities, one of which is York University. Anitha applied for a place on their Next Step programme, which enables students to participate in a programme of activities that will support their applications to a research-intensive university, such as York.

Following a rigorous application process, Anitha was chosen as one of only five students throughout the whole of the UK to fly to Australia for a three-week scholarship with Sydney University. The experience was amazing! Anitha joined selected students from the UK, America, Japan, China, India, Australia and New Zealand. The programme consisted of lectures in the sciences, along with workshops and seminars. Of course, it wasn't all study related. Anitha also enjoyed a lot of sightseeing around Sydney and fully immersed herself in the Australian culture. The highlight of the trip was the gala dinner, where Anitha got to meet and speak personally to the lecturers who had taken part in the programme.

Anitha said, "I can highly recommend applying to the Next Steps York programme. I'm so pleased I pushed myself and applied for the scholarship at Sydney University. I had an amazing time and have made some great friends. We facetime each other every week! Don't ever think that you can't do something, give it a go!".

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