Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a place?
You must apply on the Common Admissions Form supplied to you by your LEA. The form should be returned directly to the LEA in the pre-paid envelope which came with it or apply online as instructed by the LEA. We recommend that you select 3 different schools as our choices. Do not select the same school 3 times.

Does the school ‘select' pupils for admission?
The academy does not select pupils based on their academic ability. There is no entrance exam. Students will need to sit a non-verbal assessment.

What is the non-verbal assessment and what part does it play in the admission process?
Students applying will need to complete a non-verbal assessment which is externally marked and will place students into ability bands (stanines). The intake will be in direct proportion to the range of applicants. The assessment is not in any way a "pass or fail" test.

How can I find if I live in the school's catchment area?
Click here to view the academy catchment area.
For students living within the inner catchment area, places will be offered on the basis of proximity (within each band/stanine). For students living within the outer catchment area, places will be offered on the basis of a random allocation.

In what order are the admission rules applied when the school is oversubscribed?
Please refer to our admission procedures document, page 2 point 8 for full details on this.

Where can I find the admissions policy?
Our full admissions policy and detailed map of our catchment area, as well as the details of how to contact us with admission enquiries can be found here

Do disadvantaged children receive any priority when places are allocated?
Children looked after (in public care) (LAC) and children previously looked after (PLAC) but ceased to be so because they became adopted or became subject to a residence or special guardianship order immediately following having been looked after, are placed at the top in order of admission rules (see web link) when the academy is oversubscribed. This also applies to children with an EHCP, provided that the academy can meet their needs.

How many places will there be in Year 7 for September 2020?
Currently, with agreement from Middlesbrough Local Authority, we will be offering 265 places.

If my child has a brother or sister in school currently – will they be given a place automatically?
Those applicants (Year 6 only) who on the date of admission will have a sibling on roll at the academy i.e. a natural brother or sister, or a half brother or sister, or a legally adopted half brother or sister or any relative that has proof of receiving child benefit who will be living with them at the same address at the date of their entry to the academy, will be given a place

How will I know if my daughter’s application for a place has been successful?
Middlesbrough council will send letters and/or emails to confirm places on the w/c 1 March 2020. Click here to access the LA website.

Does my child stay on after Year 11 at Macmillan into the Post 16 college?
Students in Year 11 at the academy do not have to fill in an application form for our Post 16 college. They will all be offered a place in Post 16 as long as they achieve the course entry requirements. Students do not have to stay on at the academy after they complete Year 11. We have a full-time careers practitioner who works with students to ensure that they secure the best destination.

What after school activities will my child be required to do at Macmillan?
The academy offers a huge range of enrichments and subject support sessions, both during the students’ lunch times and after school (3.00-4.00pm). Students in Years 7-9 are expected to attended at least one of these sessions. A full list of this term’s enrichments can be found here

What transport does the Academy provide for its students?
The academy offers two bus services for students, details on their routes can be found here.

Students wishing to use the buses will have to purchase a termly pass, as day to day tickets are not available. The cost of these passes currently equates to £190 per term.

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